Anti Bullying Week

Anti Bullying Week 2020 
We have been exploring Anti-bullying this week in school. 
The theme for Anti-Bullying Week 2020 is: United Against Bullying.
Anti-Bullying Week happen every year, and in our school we will be holding it from Monday 23rd - 27th Friday 20th November and will end with Odd Socks Day to mark the end of our Anti-Bullying Week.
Last year 75% of schools in the country took part, reaching well over 7 million young people. 

Odd Socks Day

All you need to do is wear odd socks!
It's a great way to celebrate what makes us all unique in Anti-Bullying Week!
It will be held on Friday 27th November 2020, the last day of Anti-Bullying Week.
There is no cost to join in ..... it's just for FUN! 
Even if you are working from home - you can still wear your ODD SOCKS and email a photo to your class email!