Contact the Teacher

Contacting your child's class teacher
If you need to contact your child's class teacher we are continuing to use class emails.   
Teacher's will access their emails weekly during their PPA time. 
Class emails are as follows:
Nursery - please contact Mrs Foster at nursery@emcps.co.uk
RF - please contact Mrs Foster at rf@emcps.co.uk
RDA - please contact Mrs Donelly and Mrs Allen at rda@emcps.co.uk
1D - please contact Mrs Dowling at 1d@emcps.co.uk
1S - please contact Mrs Stephenson at 1s@emcps.co.uk
2F - please contact Miss Fox at 2f@emcps.co.uk
2P - please contact Miss Phelan at 2p@emcps.co.uk
3FB - please contact Mrs Fellows and Mrs Bone at 3fb@emcps.co.uk
3M - please contact Miss Murray at 3m@emcps.co.uk
4C - please contact Mrs Cook at 4c@emcps.co.uk
4W - please contact Miss Wilkinson at 4w@emcps.co.uk
5M - please contact Mrs McCaffrey at 5m@emcps.co.uk
5T - please contact Mr Thew at 5t@emcps.co.uk
6BM - please contact Mrs Brown and Mrs Margo at 6bm@emcps.co.uk
6W - please contact Mrs Watts at 6w@emcps.co.uk
Music - please contact Mrs Clarke at music@emcps.co.uk