Health & Well-being

At English Martyrs' Primary School we are concerned with your family as a whole.  Children achieve higher when they are feeling settled and safe both at home and in school.
Mrs Atkinson is able to offer support around your child's well-being offering:
Support via one - one for your child or you as a parent/ caregiver,
Support to access outside agencies - School Nurse, GP or CYPS
Mrs Atkinson is also available to support parents to access mental health provision such as Talking Therapies or MIND
An adult can access If U Care Share Foundation. (Suicide prevention) by ringing  01913875661 or access Papyrus (prevention of young suicide) bu ringing 0800 0684141 
An Adult can access Talking Therapies for themselves if you are in the Newcastle Area by ringing 0300 5551115
MIND is a project that also supports mental health and they are available through the following number 0300 1233393
Our School also accesses Counselling via the Road Centre if this felt appropriate and referrals are made from Miss Elliott to Mrs Atkinson who initiates the contact.
An adult can download an app for most smart phones called Hub of Hope or alternatively visit www.hubofhope.co.uk