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Message from Miss Elliott 10/9/21

Important Information about parking around school - 10-09-21

Our start and finish procedure are working well within school, but sadly a small number of adults are causing chaos on Netherby Drive due to their careless and in some places dangerous parking. 


There are at least 12 streets surrounding our school site that would enable safe parking for all - and parking in these streets would only mean a very short walk to school. 


Please think carefully about where you are parking and be considerate to our neighbours and the safety of our children and their families. 


Parking on zig-zags, corners, double yellow lines or diagonally in a small space can be dangerous and irresponsible.


The safety of our children and their families is much more important than being able to park near the school gates on Netherby Drive.


Thank you for your support and understanding in this matter and also Thank you to all those parents/adults who do park responsibly.


MIss Elliott & the Senior Leadership Team.