Year 3 Recorder

Year 3 - Recorder Lessons
We are delighted to be able to offer your child weekly whole class recorder lessons in Year 3 with Mrs Clarke, our Music teacher.  The lesson is part of the statutory Music curriculum, and school will loan a recorder labelled with their name, to your child for the year.  This can be taken home in order to practice, but must be brought back into school on a Tuesday for their afternoon recorder lesson.
Please look after the recorder, and wash it in warm, soapy water every week.  If the recorder is lost or damaged it will cost £11 to replace.  There is no requirement to buy a recorder for your child, but should you wish to do so then please email me at music@emcps.co.uk and I will advise the best type to purchase.
If you have any other questions or queries please email me at music@emcps.co.uk
I always stress with the children the need to practice at home quietly and in a quiet area away from others, as I appreciate the nature of this instrument if played too loudly!!
Please however encourage your child to practice and also take the time to listen to them play and let them perform for a small 'audience' too if possible.  This will encourage and develop their confidence and skill and will make progress quicker too!
Mrs Clarke (Music Teacher)