Music For Youth

On Saturday 11th March some of our amazing choir had a once in a lifetime opportunity to sing in Hall One at The SageGateshead as part of a National Youth for Music Festival.

They sang 3 songs -  Light a candle for Peace, Gospel Medley and Tell me Ma in front of a packed auditorium and conducted the pieces themselves with Mrs Clarke at the piano.

The judges from London were very impressed with our choir and made some superb comments about their performance.

They loved how our choir incorporated British Sign Language signing, movement and dancing into their songs and the Irish Dance went down a storm with the whole audience clapping along.

A wonderful and rare opportunity for our children who thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and had great fun.

You can have a read of the critique they got from the Music Mentors below.

Reflections on the day by some of the choir


by Josie (Y6)

On Saturday some of our choir took part in an amazing show at The Sage. The bus took a long time to come and when we got there we watched many performances before it was our turn. We all sat together on the middle floor. Just before we went on stage we went into a room to practise. When we finished we almost went off the wrong side of the stage. The people who presented it gave us a lot of good feedback.


Choir - by Sumin (Y6)

On Saturday 11th March 2017 some members of the choir came together at 8:45am to go to Gateshead Sage. Unfortunately, the children had a quick coach delay but stayed strong. We luckily had a 70 seater bus. After arriving there we had a small moment of sight seeing. We went upstairs and saw everyone’s fabulous performances and contributions. It was finally our turn and we made the judges smile. We saw violins, flutes and clarinets. We chose a representative (me!) to get the certificate, the feedback we received was amazing and we had a wonderful time.


Light a Candle

I’m gonna sing (gospel medley)

Tell me ma



by Julienne (Y6)

Early Saturday morning everyone excitedly waited for the coach to bring us to the Sage. Unfortunately, Mrs Clarke had some bad news, the coach had been late! Not all of the choir had been chosen to go to Sage.

After a few sight seeing, everyone got off the coach. We saw the beautiful mirror-like Sage. Some of our parents were already waiting there to watch our amazing singing. Before we sang we got watching other musicians, we all got signed in and got music stickers.

Before we got on stage, we practised in a huge music studio. All of the music the musicians made sounded beautiful. There were all kinds of instruments; like clarinets, violins, a piano and flutes. We had to wait backstage before we got on.

First we sang ‘Light a Candle’, then ‘Spiritual Medley’ and finally ‘I’ll tell me ma’. Every time we sang a song, we felt great because all of the audience enjoyed it. We even had a standing ovation at the end!

When the concert was over we each got a chocolate bar. We loved going to the Sage!

It was a once in a lifetime visit!