New Reception - information coming in the post! 12/07/21

09 July 2021


To our new children and their families,



Reception - September 2021


We are so pleased that you have chosen to come to English Martyrs’ and we can’t wait to meet you all.


We continue to live through our unprecedented times and this has meant that we have not been able to complete the normal Induction process for our new Reception class; meet you as parents and more importantly our Reception 2021 children.


We are so sad that we could not welcome you to our school to meet you all in person, but we hoped you enjoyed meeting your teacher on zoom.  As your teacher mentioned on the zoom we have enclosed a little task for you to do at home, and we would like you to bring this completed heart to school with you in September.  We have also included a butterfly mask and ask that you colour this in and email a photograph of your child wearing the mask to newreception2021@emcps.co.uk (please note this is a new email address)


You can find some useful information on our school website; just click ‘New Reception September 2021’ tab, this may support you to help your child be ‘school ready’.


We want to reassure you at this time of uncertainty that we are doing all we can to make sure your child’s transition into the family of English Martyrs’ as smooth and as normal as possible. But as you will be aware there may be a number of measures that we have to put in place to ensure all the children and staff are kept as safe as possible.


Our Academic Year 2021 begins with 2 Staff Training days and then children in Years 1 to Year 6 will be welcomed back from Wednesday 8th September.


To ensure a smooth transition our Reception children will have a reduced start to school and we will welcome our new Reception children on Wednesday 8th September in 2 Groups.


However, we want to try and make life in Reception as normal as possible and try to follow our ‘Step into English Martyrs’ programme’ as we have in previous years.


This will look as follows:


‘Step into English Martyrs’ 


Each class will be split into 2 Groups – and your child will be in either Group A or Group B


Week 1       Wednesday 8th, Thursday 9th & Friday 10th September 2021

Group A           Will come to school each morning and have their lunch in school

Group B           Will come to school in the afternoon


Week 2       Monday 13th, Tuesday 14th & Wednesday 15th September 2021

Group B           Will come to school each morning and have their lunch in school

Group A           Will come to school in the afternoon


Week 2      Thursday 16th & Friday 17th September 2021

Group A & B    All children will begin school full-time on Thursday 16th September 2021


As part of the Government Universal Infant Free School Meals initiative all children will be provided with a  free hot school meal  (if your child has any special dietary requirements please ensure this information has been provided to school, along with medical evidence). The children will have their lunch in the school dining hall and will be supported by the Reception staff and our lunchtime Supervisory Assistants.


If you think you may be eligible for benefits related Free School Meals please apply on the link below.

Children entitled to receive benefits related Free School Meals are currently eligible to receive a Free School Meal voucher during school holidays (subject to change). Apply for Free School Meals


Your child will be expected to wear school uniform but will not be allowed to bring anything else into school (other than their heart templates on their first day).  All the resources your child needs will be provided by school.  


I apologise for the length of this letter, but I ask that you ready it carefully as it contains a lot of important information.


Looking forward to welcoming you all to English Martyrs’ Catholic Primary school.


Take care and stay safe.