Statutory Tests (SAT's)

Information for parents/carers 

May 2022 


Next week see the return of SAT’s where Year 6 and Year 2 children will be sitting statutory tests set by the Government.


After all the disruption of the last few years, I feel sad that the governoment has decided to return to statutory exams. 


The Year 6 tests begin on Monday 9th May and last all week. The children will be tested in Maths, Reading, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar. 


Our staff and children have worked very hard to prepare for these tests and we would like to ask our Year 6 parents to please ensure that your child is well rested, preferably with early nights, and are punctual for school each day.  During SAT’s week Year 6 are invited into school from 8.15am each morning for breakfast. 


Year 2 SAT’s have begun and will continue throughout May. These are used to confirm the teacher’s assessment of each child’s attainment in reading and maths. Again, our staff and children have worked very hard to prepare for these tests and we ask that the children are well rested and punctual for school each day.


However, these SAT’s only give us a snapshot of each child’s ability on that day, they do not recognise, nor celebrate what makes each of our children special and unique. We know that our children will do their very best and no matter what the test outcomes are, we at English Martyrs’ school all know our children’s individual talents and gifts and rejoice in their awesomeness!


Thank you to our Year 2 and Year 6 parents for supporting their children during this time.


Please keep our children in your prayers over the coming weeks. 


Miss Elliott & the SLT