Outdoor Classroom Day

Outdoor Classroom Day - 4th November 2021


On Thursday 4th November, we celebrated outdoor classroom day at English Martyrs' Catholic Primary School. Each class went outdoors to complete a wide range of outdoor activities and explore the natural surroundings of our school environment.


Nursery had a great time using 'disappearing paints'.

Reception had lots of fun helping teddies with an assault course. 

Year 1 enjoyed planting bulbs and making homes for teddies.

Year 2 made some Rongoli patterns outdoors for Diwali.

Year 3 enjoyed making autumn fireworks and potting potatoes.

Year 4 had a great time collecting natural resources and building a sculpture with them.

Year 5 enjoyed creating critters and finding a habitat for them. 

Year 6 worked hard to complete a math's QR code treasure hunt.