Red Nose Day 2021

Red Nose Day at English Martyrs'
Friday 19th March 2021
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The past year has been really tough for us all. 
We wanted to join in with Red Nose day and support some great causes in the process. 
We will be joining in the red Nose day fun on FRIDAY 19th MARCH.
The coronavirus pandemic has had a devastating impact on us all, especially the people and communities helped by comic relief funding. 
Come to school dressed as a real-life superhero, favourite super hero from a film or book or dressed in red.
The theme of this year's Red Nose Day campaign is all about using our own super powers for the good of others. We all have the power to change the world!
At English Martyrs' we want to celebrate the 'unsung superheroes' that have supported us all, particularly during the last year. 
Those in the NHS, emergency services, supermarkets, schools and colleges, transport services and many others, who have continued to support communities and those affected by the pandemic.
We are inviting children to come to school dressed as a superhero - this could be a person or profession who they feel are a real-life hero or it could be a favourite superhero from a book or film.
Children can also come to school wearing something red if they prefer. 
We would suggest a donation of 50p per family which will go to support the work of the Red Nose Day and Comic relief campaigns. 
Friday will also see us mark the Year of St Joseph, in school.
Joseph himself was truly an unsung hero.
It was Joseph who accompanied Mary to Bethlehem where Jesus was born. It was Joseph who protected Mary and the Christ Child while they were homeless in Bethlehem. And it was Joseph who led the Holy Family to Egypt as they fled from the dangers of King Herod.
Although the Gospels have no record of Joseph saying anything during these traumatic events, his role in the story of Christ's life was profound and shouldn’t be overlooked.
Throughout the year we will reflect, learn and pray together, learning more about St Joseph.