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The Big Spell Information

Lower Key Stage 2 - THE BIG SPELL

The children in LKS2 are extremely excited to be taking part in this years 'The Big Spell' competition.

Over the next few weeks your child will be coming home from school with their 'Big Spell' spellings. The weekly words will also be uploaded onto the website.

Please encourage your child to learn these spelling and have fun at the same time. 

LKS2 Team

15th October 2021


Dear Parents/Carers,


Re: Lower Key Stage Two  - The Big Spell 

Over the next few weeks, children in year 3 and 4 will be taking part in ‘The Big Spell’. Over the years, the competition has been a huge success and the children’s spelling skills improved considerably.  This competition is designed to help all children improve their spelling techniques and become more familiar with the words on the National Curriculum year 3 and 4 Spelling List.


Both in school and at home, children will be working with  a list of up to 100 words. These words will form part of their spelling homework and the children will have the opportunity to use these words in a variety of spelling games in class and on iPad games both in school and at home. Children will have the chance to compete with other children in their class in 4 main spelling games. The overall winners will then challenge other children within the year group and lower key stage two for the ultimate title of Big Speller 2021.


We would like to make it very clear to parents and children that this competition is intended to help all children with spelling. The focus of The Big Spell is to have fun with spelling and to enjoy the process. Many children may not reach the last stages of the tournament but they will have taken part in the spelling games in class and hopefully most children will pick up handy spelling tips along the way. For the children who do get through to the final, all participants will receive a special prize. 


We know that our parents and carers are always very supportive with the learning of spellings for weekly homework and we thank you for this. With your help, we hope that all of the children will thoroughly enjoy this experience and will be very confident in spelling most if not all of the required year 3 and 4 words.


Yours sincerely


LKS2 Team