Weekly Message 13.5.22

Dear Parents/Carers,
This week we are continuing our topic, ANIMALSwith our story of the week, "Hairy Maclary from Donaldson's Dairy" by Lynley Dodd. 
This week we have been talking about different parts of the book, e.g the front cover and back cover and have been answering some simple questions about the story. Click on the powerpoint version of the story below to enjoy the story together see if your child can answer the simple questions at the end with you.
  • Please send in a family photo if you can to add to our display in Nursery.
  • Make sure we have some spare clothing in Nursery to change your child if we need to.
  • If your child is not yet toilet trained please send nappies or pull ups and wipes so we can change them. 
  • Send back all of your completed forms.
  • Remember to send a healthy packed lunch, including a drink.
After hearing lots of lovely rhyming words in our story,  we have been practising listening for rhyme in our phonics sessions this week.
Why not listen out for rhyming words in a familiar songs your child already knows e.g
Twinkle. twinkle little STAR
How I wonder what you ARE
Up above the world so HIGH
Like a diamond in the SKY
Twinkle. twinkle little STAR
How I wonder what you ARE
In Maths this week, we have been counting out sets of dogs and talking about which has more and which has less. MORE being the BIGGER number and LESS being the SMALLER number.
We hope these photographs of some of the activities we have been enjoying,  help your children to talk to you about what they have done at Nursery this week.
Have a lovely weekend,
Best Wishes
Mrs Foster