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Year 6 Responsibility Roles

Year 6 Responsibility Roles 2021


Head Boy Harry L      

Head Girl Naomi D

Deputy Head Boy  Muhammad-Sufyaan T

Deputy Head Girl Beatrice A


Captain St Aidan – Lydia T

Captain St Aidan – Maison T


Captain St Bega – Umer M

Captain St Bega – Daisy D


Captain St Cuthbert – Neya G

Captain St Cuthbert – Finley W


Captain St Oswald – Lacey T

Captain St Oswald – Michael O

Captain St Bede – Harley T

Captain St Bede – Lexi-May T


Captain St Benet Biscop – Isla R 

Captain St Benet Biscop – Khadija Y


Captain St Hilda – Sarim A

Captain St Hilda – Amelia S


Reading Ambassador/Library – Paige F 

Reading Ambassador/Library – Sophie O


House Point Ambassador – Tia C-H

House Point Ambassador – Rebecca T