Welcome to our ZUMOS page!
At English Martyrs' we are passionate about building strong mental wellbeing and resilience in all our pupils. This is why as a school we have embraced Zumos as a major part of our school’s pastoral care. Zumos is a leading online wellbeing system that is CAMHS kitemarked and was developed as part of the HeadStart project.
The webinar video below takes you though all of the features of Zumos that the children can access as well as an insight into how the teachers and school can support the children, using Zumos.
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The following steps can be used as a guide for children when they are working on Zumos. 
These steps can be done in one go or spread out over the day. The more time practicing on Zumos the better, but please help them to complete tasks when you can.  Ideally twice a week, but feel free to use it as often as you want.
Step ❶
Take your child to www.zumos.co.uk

Step ❷
Ask your child to login with the details they will have been supplied with. On logging in Zumos will ask them how their mental health is today, get them to really think about how they are feeling and ask them to click on the most relevant icon. (If they have forgotten their login details please contact us)

Step ❸
The first time you login to Zumos please click on ‘Games Room’ and then ‘Power Quiz’, let your child complete these CAMHS approved quizzes themselves by thinking about each question. If they have already been completed, they will not appear. They only appear every three months. These quizzes show what level of wellbeing your child has to start and measures the impact Zumos is having on your child’s wellbeing each quarter.

Step ❹
Click on their named room, then in the middle screen you will see ‘How to be Happy’ click play and listen to that recording. Once played if you can spend a minute or two asking them about it, maybe how they could apply it in their life or in the family. Maybe tell them about how you have done it in your life.
Step ❺
Back on the home screen, please click on ‘Chill Room’
This step is to practice mindfulness and is a great practice for the whole family. The more you practice the greater the benefits. Experts recommend 20 minutes twice a day. But even just 10 minutes a day will show benefits. Settle everyone down either sitting comfortably in a chair or lying on the floor, then simply click on the length of ‘Me Time Minutes’ you want. The recording will do the rest. There is much to explore in this room, have fun. It takes 21 days to form a habit, with 12 weeks at least ahead of us this is a great habit to form.

Step ❻
Click on Life book, this is once again something that can be done as a family or alone. Filling in the questions asked, helps to send their mind on a search for the positive. You can really help them to focus on the positive here.

Step ❼
Click on the games room and ask them to play the games for at least ten minutes; more if possible. The games are based on the latest scientific research coming out of our universities called cognitive bias modification or CBM. The evidence is that if these games are played for ten minutes three times a week, after three
Keep Exploring

Zumos also has lots of self-help titles in ‘My Room’ - please encourage your children to explore these titles and to listen to anything they might have a worry with. The titles are all expertly written and will really help them to deal with problems they might be worried to tell you about. Class teachers will be able to track any titles children have listened to and where appropriate will help them to seek the help they need.
Following feedback from parents, we have worked closely with the team at ZUMOS to ensure that content is age and key stage appropriate and the titles in 'My Room' are used as a supportive tool for those children who need it.
If you have any questions or concerns please contact school using your child's class email address.
Mr Kennedy